These are just some of the words that went through my mind as I witnessed the FA-18 Super Hornet Twin Engines in motion on the tarmac.

The heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping, torque-grinding, core-piercing display was a potent demonstration of American Strength and Pride, and the show hadn’t even started yet.

Experiencing the Blue Angels Air Show in VIP seating is worth every dime of the cost.

Out of great tragedy comes great purpose, I thought as I watched Brad Wursten fly his 385 HP MXS-R Aircraft high above the crowd. His involvement in the “Elevate Your Life” Program, founded by Greg Poe as a result of the drug related death of Ryan Poe, is the definition of success.

Lt. Brandon Hempler, the voice of the Blue Angels, called the team’s maneuvers as the pilots performed aerobatic stunts with clean precision and stealth.

It was like watching a perfectly-orchestrated choir in the sky.

Delta Breakout Formation, Courtesy David L. Franks

Topping off the show with a Delta Breakout formation was nothing short of amazing, an outward demonstration that left behind an inward feeling of hope and courage.

Courage boys, and on, on to the victory. Despite the insurmountable obstacles we face, hope propels us forward and honor will prevail.

To see the Blue Angels is a reminder of the strength and vitality of the american spirit. It was a show I’ll never forget.