phil harrisPhil Harris began his career as the star of radio’s “The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show”. It ran on NBC from 1948-1954. Later, he became the voice of Baloo in Walt Disney’s Jungle Book and Little John in Robin Hood. Nothing conjures up memories of childhood like Harris’s booming voice singing scat with King Louie in Jungle Book. 



George WalshGeorge Walsh was a newscaster, sports reporter, and announcer for KNX-AM in Los Angeles for over 30 years. He also provided the line, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”, in the Smokey the Bear ad campaign. But audiences know him best as the voice of “Gunsmoke”, first on radio then TV:


360_harvey_0301Before Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, there was Paul Harvey. Like your favorite songs, his voice takes you back to a particular time and place. Through his broadcasts “Paul Harvey News & Comment” and “The Rest of the Story”, he became known as America’s moral conscience and History Teacher. But it was his simple storytelling that established him as the father of conservative talk radio as we know it.