“If you can land a B-25, you can do anything.”

This line spoken by Mel Gibson in the film Forever Young rings true for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Since before the days of engine-propelled flight, mankind has dreamed of soaring above the clouds. What is it about flying that is so appealing? The real question is, what is not appealing about it. For those who do fly, it’s many things, such as freedom, a different perspective of the earth, a sense of adventure. It is this last one that Daniel Sorenson talks about.

“Kids today are so in to their video games”, he says.

“{Flying}…gives them encouragement to…do something with their hands and do something with their mind that’s a little bit extraordinary.”

Daniel Sorenson is a 49 year veteran of the aviation industry. He’s a retired aerial firefighter now playing air shows all over the country. Recently, he was in my neck of the woods. I met him on the Tarmac and talked with him about his custom-designed Sorenson BF9-2 Phantom, aviation, and the death of Blue Angel Pilot Sgt. Jeff Kuss.

The Extraordinary World of Flight with Danny Sorenson from Rett Nelson on Vimeo.