Pop Quiz: What do the 1998 movie “Hope Floats” and the 2000 movie “Frequency” have in common?

While you’re figuring it out, here are a few fun facts about each.

  • This film is Forrest Whitaker’s third directing credit.
  • Both Sandra Bullock and Gena Rowlands, who plays Bullock’s mother in the film, attended Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia. Rowland graduated in 1947. Bullock graduated in 1982.
  • The song “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin is played in the background in the first half of the movie. The following scene shows Travis, played by Cameron Finley, using a Chaplin costume.

  • All the world series facts mentioned in this movie are true.
  • Speaking of the world series, the New York Mets and Cincinnati Reds played a game on April 25, 2000 wearing their 1969 uniforms to promote this movie.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Jim Caviezel’s mother, is actually a year younger than Caviezel in real life.
  • In the movie, Frank Sullivan was an FDNY firefighter, and the numerical address of the Sullivans’ house is 343. One year after the film’s release, 343 FDNY firefighters died in the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.
  • The CW is adapting this movie into a series premiering this Fall.

So, what’s the common element?

Both movies feature songs recorded by Garth Brooks.

When Birdie dances with Justin in “Hope Floats”, the song “To Make You Feel My Love” is heard in the background.

In his Vegas show, “Garth Brooks: Blame it All on my Roots”, Brooks says the film producers gave him the original Bob Dylan recording for reference. He panicked when he realized Dylan’s singing style was not understandable, and there were no lyrics written inside the album. He obviously figured it out!

Just before the end credits roll in “Frequency”, Brooks begins singing “When You Come Back to Me Again”. (Note: The 9/11 tribute is the work of the uploader, and is not part of the original song.)