It’s that time of year. You don’t even have to see it to notice. Somehow, you just sense it. For some (parents), it’s a refreshing change. For others (kids), a dreaded punishment. The signs that a new school year is about to begin cannot be avoided. Advertisers bombard you with deals on clothes, supplies, books, etc. that make any mom want to take her child shopping. Then, there’s shots, registration, meeting your teachers, planning, coordinating schedules…the list goes on.

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As if that wasn’t enough, temperatures are a little cooler. Clearly, the lazy days of summer are dwindling. Counting down the days ’til “the big day” is now a daily part of your routine. When you’re twelve, going back to school is not something you look forward to. Here’s a list of shows that may not put you in the mood to go back, but will at least help you look forward to the weekend.

Even though school may not be fun, you can be grateful that your mom doesn’t do this. Every day, John Curtiss runs home from school to take down the sheet that his mom hung from his bedroom window. This is the sheet that reveals his bed-wetting problem to the entire neighborhood. It’s a problem common to many kids, including a young Michael Landon, who wrote, produced and directed this semi-autobiographical tale entitled “The Loneliest Runner.”

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” shows exactly what happens when you master the art of faking an illness. Fun, hilarity and freedom ensues until…unfortunately…consequences. Here, Ben Stein proves that Economics really is boring. Since this movie is about a time and place that we’d all like to revisit, we can agree with Matthew Broderick that a sequel was not needed.

Ok, there is one thing that would make school worthwhile…having Arnold Schwarzenegger as a teacher! For those of us who were in kindergarten when “Kindergarten Cop” came out, it was a time we wished we were a little older so that mom would let us see the movie! Since Schwarzenegger had become a new father the previous year, it was an appealing role for him at that time.

This show attracted more teenagers on Saturday morning than the number one show on primetime did at that time. In the early 90s, “Saved by the Bell” made it cool to be in high school. If you were there, you wished you were as cool as Zack Morris. If you weren’t in high school, you wished you were.

The Stephen Herek directed “Mr. Holland’s Opus” showed what life was like as a high school student during the turbulent ’60s, and the decades that followed. This is a good movie for high school graduates and beyond because it makes you reflect on the teachers that influenced you most. It also helps you remember the lessons you learned about life during that vulnerable time.

We can’t forget about TGIF on ABC! TGIF was the coolest night of television in the nineties. And of course, the most iconic show from that era was “Boy Meets World.” “Boy Meets World” took “Saved by the Bell” to the next level. It gave every teenage boy an identity. It taught you what it meant to be a teenager, how to have a relationship with girls, how to get through life, and that having a best friend was all that mattered.