I have long subscribed to the belief that Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones should be brothers. The tough/rugged image they each personify is one element that makes them a perfect match. They’re both known for their roles in multiple movie franchises, (and one film from one of those franchises features both of them). Plus, they’ve both appeared in six or more movies that have received Oscar Nominations for Best Picture. This however, is only scratching the surface. Here are 6 astounding connections between Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones:


#1: Ford and Jones were born in the 1940s. Ford, in July of 1942 and Jones in September of 1946.

#2: Both actors went to the same high school as a former first lady. Ford graduated in 1960 from East Maine Township High in Park Ridge, Illinois. Hilary Clinton also received her diploma there. Jones attended Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas, the same one Laura Bush attended.

#3: Both Ford and Jones were blue collar workers prior to acting. Ford became quite an accomplished carpenter, doing projects for such people as Brazilian Musician Sergio Mendez. He was working as a carpenter for George Lucas when he got the part of Han Solo. Jones, on the other hand, did underwater construction and worked in the oil rigs. It was a profession he acquired from his dad.

#4: In addition to being notoriously private, both men have a reputation for being grumpy and sarcastic.

#5: They’ve both written some of their most memorable lines in movies. Near the end of “The Empire Strikes Back”, Ford’s character is about to be frozen. In response to Carrie Fisher’s line “I Love You”, Ford responds “I Know.” Ford apparently ad-libbed the line because he felt it was more dramatically appealing than the scripted “I love you, too.”

In his role as Deputy Sam Gerard in “The Fugitive”, Jones responds to the line “I didn’t kill my wife!” with “I don’t care!” It was an attempt at matching character traits with the dialogue.

#6: With all these similarities, it was only a matter of time before they appeared together on screen in “The Fugitive.” Jones walked away with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance, while Ford showed us his ability to carry a movie without hardly speaking. (Ford’s character doesn’t speak for at least a third of the movie).