Ok. That’s probably not the best way to begin. Some of us are still in mourning. The title above is not intended to be salt to an open wound, but rather a declaration of good news: The release of the trailer for Williams’ final film, a drama, entitled ‘Boulevard’. 

The trailer makes it seem as if he’s been resurrected, if only briefly, to give a final goodbye before drifting off into eternity.

‘Boulevard’ follows the story of Nolan, a man whose marriage is deteriorating. Through the help of a man named Leo, Nolan is able to confront a denied reality head-on and find the happiness he didn’t know was missing. Seems rather fitting for a final performance, don’t you think?

The film will be released July 15.

In light of this news, we thought it a good time to re-post our tribute to Robin Williams that was produced the week of his death nearly a year ago.

Robin, we sure miss you.