William Henry Pratt was an aspiring actor of the twentieth century. Pratt was not exactly what you’d call “star” material. He was tall and gangly. He had sunken-in-cheeks, deep-set eyes, and other physical features that were an obstacle to the kind of roles he sought.

One day Pratt was walking around a Hollywood studio when he bumped into a man named James Whale, a director who at the time, was casting for a movie called Frankenstein. Whale took one look at Pratt, and with stunned amazement said “You’re the one! I’ve found my monster. You’re perfect!”

Years later Pratt was approached by a young Christopher Lee, who was seeking career advice. Pratt offered the following words as council: “Find something other actors can’t or won’t do, and if you can make an impact doing that, you’ll never be forgotten.”

Now that’s what I call advice, sage advice in fact, from the would-be forgotten William Henry Pratt and the never to be forgotten Boris Karloff.


Goodbye Christopher Lee. Neither will your roles ever be forgotten.