american-idol-judges-to-return“American Idol” may be winding down, but Ryan Seacrest isn’t. As “American Idol” begins its 15th and final season in January, Seacrest will already be in the thick of his new hosting gig, a new reality show called “Knock Knock Live”, which premieres next month. And that’s good for Ryan, but for “American Idol” fans, this could well be the downfall of civilization as you know it. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. That’s next season.

This period of season finales has also included some series finales, “CSI” being one of the most prominent. (Another ending that is disappointing to many). Speaking of which, 2,000 people were asked in a recent Harris Poll which show upset them most about coming to an end. The #1 answer was “Friends”.

The good news about all of these shows is that they actually got a good, long run, a rarity in TV. Many never see the light of the day, much less a season. While mourning the loss of your favorite show, or rejoicing in a new one to get picked up, here’s a look at an impressive list of short-lived series over the years that were killed in the ratings.

FYI: An Impressive List of Short-Lived TV Series from Rett Nelson on Vimeo.