Dr. Seuss is back! Sort of! While cleaning out his office space recently, Audrey Geisel, his widow, discovered a manuscript. Upon further examination she realized it was a previously unreleased project. It was confirmed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Random House that this project will be released in book form July 28. The title will be What Pet Should I Get?

Think about that: an original title from Dr. Seuss never before seen that will be published 23 and a half years after his death. For those of us who grew up reading his books, this is exciting news! (If you didn’t you were deprived). It got us thinking about our childhood favorites. Here they are:

20150220_121409The Cat in the Hat 

The signature title from the Dr. Seuss collection is Geisel’s first attempt at writing a book using 50 words or less. He missed the mark with this one but the follow-up Green Eggs and Ham succeeded.


wacky wednesdayWacky Wednesday

Seuss’s beginner books encouraged children to read all by themselves and this one just made it a pure delight! He went under the name Theo LeSieg for this one, which is “Geisel” spelled backwards. This is the name he went under when the books were illustrated by someone else.


My Book About Me20150220_121752

Here, Seuss took his love of teaching children to read to the next level. Reading was always fun when you could write and draw too!  The contents of this book have/will become a piece of childhood nostalgia!


20150220_121713Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Many are surprised to learn that Dr. Seuss, the leading authority on children’s literature, had no children of his own. This book is for the adolescent transitioning into adulthood. Ironically, this was Geisel’s last published work before he died, and as such is also a fitting final legacy. Here is our rendition of the story. This was produced for the enjoyment of children everywhere and no copyright infringement is intended.