The Countdown to Christmas continues with more of the music and memories that make up the twelve carols of Christmas.

5-Though originally recorded in 1957, “Blue Christmas” became popular as a single in 1964. Elvis did this one for his only Christmas album (which by the way is the highest selling Elvis album of all time).

Elvis performed this live on his 1968 comeback special. This is the only video footage that exists of Elvis singing a Christmas song.

“Blue Christmas” always makes me think of the year I got a guitar, (something I never learned to play, but my sister did!). That year, for one brief moment, perhaps only in my mind, I was “the King.”

6-Alan Jackson has always been a traditional country artist. So it’s no surprise that he would do a traditional Christmas album.

However, the idea with “Let It Be Christmas” was to write a new Christmas song that sounds like a classic. When you add it to the others on this album, it fits right in.

This song is a family favorite for us at Christmas time. It’s the one song we can’t forget. In the same way that “Home for the Holidays” rekindles happy feelings of going home for a traditional Christmas, this song does that for me.


7-Becoming a singer/songwriter was not Hilary Weeks’ plan. As she puts it, “I just liked music. It was just that simple.”

Growing up in Alaska provided the perfect scenery for the quiet introspection that has become a theme in Hilary’s music, including the tune “Christmastime.”

This song became an integral part of my “Christmastime” years ago, when circumstances were such that coming home for Christmas was not an option. There were no treats, presents, or family–only a tiny, sparsely decorated tree and a CD that included this song. And yet, the christmas spirit was alive and well.


8-“I Cry the Day I Take the Tree Down” from songwriter Michael McLean, featured in his original musical “The Forgotten Carols.”

This is the story of Connie Lou, a nurse who has given up on life. It’s not until she spends Christmas with a patient, known only as John, that she discovers a joy and peace that can last all year long.

Because the holiday season is such a meaningful time for me, I relate with this song. My life is surrounded by family and tradition at this time of year, so much that I feel a certain sadness when it’s all over. Like the words of the song, “I want the season to last all year long.”

(To be Continued…)