There is a connection between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Trick-or-Treating was something we used to do on Thanksgiving. It was called “Thanksgiving Masking.” Kids would dress up as beggars and hobos and go to door-to-door asking for candy and pennies. (For some reason, the phrase “cruel and unusual punishment” comes to mind!). As you are preparing to consume 7,000 calories in one sitting…one thing you can be grateful for this year is the fact that we don’t do this anymore.


All kidding aside, it’s customary to kick off the holiday season by expressing thanks for our blessings. Do we really take time to be grateful? And when we do, are we genuine? There is a universal law that says, in effect, we attract what we appreciate most. In other words, what you are appreciating right now is appreciating you and being attracted to you, and the two shall soon meet (if they have not already). If that is true, it would behoove us all to seriously reflect on what we are attracting into our life.

For some, Thanksgiving becomes a day focused on snagging the best Black Friday deal. Imagine that! The very day we are giving thanks for what we have, we camp out, wait in line, and fight for an object that has nothing to do with the abundance we enjoy.

Please give some thought to what it’s all about. Express appreciation, lend a helping hand, or strengthen a relationship. Life is difficult…and it may not be going the way you anticipated. But you never know the difference your actions make!