By now, just about everyone and their dog has done a Robin Williams tribute. I had decided to opt out of this at the risk of giving this more over-kill. But after reading the mountains of social media posts and news articles about it, I feel inspired to write my own Robin Williams tribute. So, here goes…

I have to start out by asking “Why is the story of Williams’s death getting so much attention?” Lauren Bacall died the next day, and is getting no publicity. So why?

Well, part of it has to do with how sudden it {Williams’s death} was, of course. But let’s face it, if everyone hated him it wouldn’t be a big deal. Countless social media posts have been written by people who feel personally connected to Williams, a man whom they’ve never met, with comments such as “I grew up with this guy,” or “The world will not be the same without him.” Admittedly, when I first heard the news I was at home alone and I swear my jaw dropped.

Robin Williams was an actor’s actor. He was unbelievably talented with amazing range. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He even freaked us out in the movie One Hour Photo. 

One of my favorite movies from childhood is Hook. 

The first time I saw Mrs. Doubtfire I was awestruck by the opening scene where Williams is doing voices for cartoon characters. That scene, like many other things, is one that sticks out in inspiring me to work in the voice-over industry.

And Patch Adams fueled my passion for that desire when I, like Patch, was facing rejection. 


Celebrities die all the time. Why is this one so poignant?

It’s because Robin Williams gave us permission to feel. He made us feel like he cared when it mattered most. He gave us the emotional release we needed when the going was rough, and he allowed us to find healing from those insecurities and heartaches we’d been afraid to reveal, despite the personal struggles he was dealing with. He made a personal connection to each of us in a very real way.

Robin Williams made a difference in so many lives, and what’s most heart-breaking to me is that he didn’t even know it!

A world without Robin Williams is a little more sober. His absence leaves a gaping-wide hole that cannot be filled. But what he leaves behind is a reminder to smile! 🙂

Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. Thanks for the laughs!

And god speed to Lauren Bacall as well, whose long career is not forgotten!