Nearly a week after the new Star Wars cast was announced comes another update: the title of the new movie. Apparently someone involved in the production of the new film sent out a tweet yesterday (whether accidentally or deliberately we don’t know) announcing the official title as Star Wars: Episode VII – The Order of the Jedi. Along with this announcement came some character profile information. Since the twitter account has since been deleted, however, no one really knows if any of this is true. Just today Nerdist announced the new title as The Ancient Fear. So here’s what we can assume is really going on: News of another Star Wars is causing die-hard fans to lose their minds.

Whether you’re a fan or not, this is news of galactic proportions and the fact that this one has been entrusted to J.J. Abrams’s capable hands is something to cheer about. Hopefully with this third trilogy we can get back to good-old fashioned movie-making that focuses on character and story development rather than being left with another over-produced visual effects extravaganza with no real substance whatsoever.

Since May 4th was Star Wars Day (Because of its subtle implication of May the fourth be with you!), it’s only appropriate that we take a look a look at some of the most laughable moments from this popular franchise.

This iconic scene is also one of the most parodied. It’s intended to be a dark moment and even though it’s played straight, the emotional impact leaves much to be desired. Luke’s reaction to the words “I am your father!” is hysterical. (Hopefully the unknowns for this new film can provide a better delivery.)

Leave it to C-3PO to always get in trouble. Here we see him, among other things, fall apart after getting shot. Is this the second or third time now? If he wasn’t such a loveable character, I’d say he deserved it! His constant banter with R2-D2 is proof that he wants to be in charge, but we know better.

Tell me what’s not funny about Yoda nearly having a fit because R2 won’t let him have a flashlight.


Star Wars is full of so many great lines, that when taken out of context are just laugh-out-loud funny! Case in point: “It’s them! Blast them!”

“It’s a Trap!”

And Vader’s often quoted line, “Impressive…Most impressive!”